A Clean and Comfortable Sober Living Home

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Clean and Sober Recovery Living

If you or a loved one needs a supportive environment that encourages sobriety, A Leap of Faith Recovery Living in New Haven, Connecticut might be your best option. We provide a safe, clean, and comfortable sober living home that allows men to stay sober and fully recover from substance abuse.

What's Included?

Everything except food, clothing, and toiletries!

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  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water/Sewage/Trash
  • High-Speed Internet


  • Bed/Dresser and Closet Space
  • Quality and Clean Mattress
  • Mattress Protector
  • Fitted Sheet/Top Sheet
  • Blanket/ Two Pillow and Cases


  • Hand Soap
  • Toilet Paper

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Living Room(s)/


  • Furnishings
  • Large TV
  • All Major Networks + More Than 1,500 Channels on Internet-Based TV


  • Patio Furnishings
  • Grill


  • High-Speed Internet
  • Wi-Fi

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  • Multiple Refrigerators
  • Kitchen Table/Chairs
  • Dishes/Silverware
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Pots/Pans
  • Hand Soap / Dish Soap
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Paper Towel and/or
    Cleaning Rags
  • Sponges


  • Close to Bus Stop
  • Within Walking/Biking Distance to AA Meetings and 100s of Job Opportunities


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12-Step Meetings 

Residents of A Leap of Faith Recovery Living are expected to attend 90 12-step meetings in the first 90 days. Residents who have been with us for more than 90 days are expected to attend three 12-step meetings

per week.

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Relapse Prevention 

All residents in their first 90 days at A Leap of Faith Recovery Living will be required to attend the weekly recovery meeting held on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM. This meeting will be voluntary for residents who have completed 90 days with A Leap of Faith Recovery Living.

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House Meetings 

All house members are required to attend the weekly house meeting held on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. Residents will be required to bring AA attendance cards and can expect to participate in random UA. All house issues, concerns, and business will be discussed at this meeting.

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Important Reminders

Upon admission and at any time, if the staff deems necessary, your room and personal belongings may be searched for alcohol, drugs, or other contraband. Residents will be subject to random drug and alcohol screenings each week. Any resident found using alcohol or drugs will be immediately discharged and the Program Agreement terminated. No refund of rents/deposits will be given for any violation of policies.

Overnight Out

Leaving overnight is only allowed after a resident has completed the probationary period of 30 days and is in good standing with the house (this includes employment). You may leave overnight for one night per week after probation and during the next 30 days.

You are responsible for getting another resident to cover any household responsibilities you may have during your overnight out. After 60 days of successful living, you may be allowed up to two overnights out per week.


Curfew Hour is at 9:00 PM Sunday – Thursday and 11:00 PM on Friday/Saturday. You are expected to be home on time. If work hours conflict, prior arrangements must be made. If you anticipate being late, call your House Manager and advise as soon as possible. Any infractions will result in consequences and possible termination of residency. All violations will be noted in your file.

All program members are required to sign in and out, declaring their destination and approximate date and time of their return, on the sign out sheet provided daily. All tenants are also required to either complete or have arranged for someone to complete their chore while they are gone. The purpose of sign out is for accountability, telephone courtesy, and in case of emergency.

Members are strongly encouraged to exhibit an honest, open, and willing attitude.

Members may not bring any valuable items to A Leap of Faith Recovery Living House.

A Leap of Faith Recovery Living House is not responsible for any items brought by a resident to the house. You are required to attend, on time, a minimum of five 12-Step meetings weekly. This will be verified with your signature card at our mandatory house meetings. Acceptable meetings include: AA/NA/CA 12-Step Meetings.

Alcohol and Other Substances

The use of any alcohol or any unauthorized mood altering chemical is not allowed, either on or off the premises. Continuous sobriety is necessary for residents at A Leap of Faith Recovery Living. Should a member resume usage, said member will be terminated immediately from A Leap of Faith

Recovery Living.

If you think another resident has been drinking or using drugs, you are required to inform a staff member so that the staff can confront the member in a sensitive way and appropriate action can be taken. Anonymity will be respected.

A drug screen (UA) may be requested when there is suspected chemical use. Physical violence directed at any member/another person or A Leap of Faith Recovery Living staff/property will be grounds for immediate termination. In addition, any language or gestures determined by staff to be consistently abusive or threatening may be grounds for termination. It is expected that members will not engage in enabling behavior.

Illegal activities are not condoned by A Leap of Faith Recovery Living and are grounds for termination. All members must be employed, seeking employment, or attending school. Program members are expected to abide by confidentiality and

anonymity of peers.

What is said at A Leap of Faith Recovery Living stays at A Leap of Faith Recovery Living house.

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Relations With Other Residents

Members are expected to be responsible, respectful and considerate of all others and the house at all times. You are not allowed in another member’s bedroom. Only staff and the member who is living in that bedroom are allowed in that bedroom.

You may not have any physical contact with another resident on the property, other than a handshake or a ‘greeting hug’. Romantic contact/relationships with other members may be grounds for termination. Your pets may not live on A Leap of Faith Recovery Living property.


You are not allowed to remove or move any furniture or fixtures from the house or from room to room. Do not bring any of your furniture or it becomes A Leap of Faith Recovery Living property! All items in the house or hanging on the walls are A Leap of Faith Recovery Living property. You may bring family pictures or recovery items only. These items are allowed only in free standing frames. No wall hangings will be allowed. Notify the House Manager if you are donating something to your house with the understanding that the item stays after you move out.

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Grievance By Program Member

Concerns and/or complaints are to be brought to the weekly house meeting to be discussed. Resident input is encouraged and is necessary for a healthy living environment.

House Meetings

All House Meetings are CLOSED meetings. Guests are NOT allowed.


Prescription narcotic medications are not permitted at A Leap of Faith Recovery Living. All other prescriptions are allowed only if they are prescribed to you by a doctor and are taken as prescribed. Medications are not shared with any other member. Program members are responsible for taking care of their own prescribed medications.

A Leap of Faith Recovery Living does not administer medications. Morphine and methadone are not permitted. You may not consume anything nor bring to the property anything that contains alcohol, including but not limited to, over the counter medications and mouthwash. All members are expected to provide an accurate accounting of the medications they bring to A Leap of Faith Recovery Living.

All medications must be listed on member Medication Record with other pertinent information. At any time staff deems necessary, medications may be counted to confirm the accuracy of dosages taken. Any changes in the dosage must be confirmed in writing or by telephone to staff from the issuing doctor. Do not leave medications out where they are in the open or unprotected. Keep in a dresser drawer or with

you at all times.

You are responsible for the control of your medications and any deviations are considered abuse. Abuse of medications will be considered a relapse and residency will be terminated.

Other House Rules

The rules at A Leap of Faith Recovery Living are designed to accomplish several things. It can be tempting to see rules, regulations, and expectations as restrictive or punishing. But, like any of the new tools you’ve been learning in AA, you know that when we make a point to work at it, not against it, we benefit in personal growth. It is impossible to list every rule or situation, so some common sense must be used.

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Any group of people living together clearly requires organization, team work, and rules in order for the house to function smoothly. Many of the rules relate to household details and more importantly, each of the rules has a similar “rule” in the outside world of work, family, life, etc. Breaking of these rules will result in a review and possible discharge from our home and termination of your Program Agreement.

Often, people suffering from dependency, have patterns of irresponsible behavior resulting in lost jobs, lost relationships, loss of self-respect, etc. By recognizing and using these rules as positive guidelines, each of us can strengthen our recovery by learning to live orderly and responsible lives.

All rules will be strictly enforced. Violation of Zero Tolerance rules is grounds for immediate expulsion from A Leap of Faith Recovery Living. Violation of all other rules will be handled as follows:

1st Violation - Write-Up and *$10 Fine

2nd Violation - 2-Week Probation (Curfew) and *$10 Fine

3rd Violation - Expulsion

*Fines due at the house meeting following the date of the violation.

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Please answer the phones by saying “Hello.” Do not give out any information to the caller. After thoroughly looking for the person, if they are not home, take a message. Write the message on the board including date, time, who the call was for, the caller’s name, and phone number.


All conflicts are expected to be brought to the house manager’s attention immediately. Conflicts are to be expected in sober living from time to time, and learning to deal with conflict is part of recovery. However, confrontations will not be tolerated. Physical confrontations will result in expulsion.


Payments may be made weekly or monthly. Monthly payments are due on the 1st of each month and are considered late after the 3rd of each month. A late fee will be incurred for all payments after the 3rd of the month. Payments not received by the 7th day of the month will

result in expulsion.

Weekly payments are due by 11:00 AM every Saturday and are considered late at 7:00 PM Saturday. A late fee will be incurred for weekly payments received after 7:00 PM. Weekly payments not received within 7 days will result in expulsion.

Residents will be required to pay a security deposit and 1st month’s dues. Residents paying weekly must pay a security deposit and first 2 weeks dues.


Background Check: $35.00

Our goal is to try and ensure that we provide a safe and secure environment for all our men and neighbors. So while we are felon-friendly, we screen out those convicted of violent, arson, or sexually based felony convictions.

Move-In Fee: $100.00 + First Weeks Fee

Weekly Payment: $150.00

Deposit: $150.00

100% refundable if the member is clean, gives two weeks’ notice, and cleans/prepares the room for the next man upon moving out.

Monthly Late Fee: $50.00

Weekly Late Fee: $15.00

*We provide all basic necessities, everything from bills to bedding, from dishes to toilet paper. Members just provide food, clothing, and toiletries.

*In-Room Cable TV or Air Conditioner Privileges at Additional Cost – Inquire


No refunds will be issued to any resident expelled for violation of rules. Security deposit will be refunded to residents in good standing and providing 30 days’ notice of move out.

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Each resident will be provided a set of linens (mattress cover, sheets, pillow, and pillow case). A Leap of Faith Recovery Living will also supply common use items such as cookware, dining ware, coffee and filters, cleaning products, toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, hand soap, and laundry detergent. Use of provisions for other than house use is considered stealing, and is grounds for expulsion.

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Privacy Please 

Understandably, this is a sensitive time during these men's lives and we wish to respect their privacy. Therefore, we do not hand out information of our clients unless previously approved in writing to do so by them.

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Can I Drop By?

For New Potential Members: While we are happy to schedule a time for you to come by to view our sober living homes, you would not appreciate a stranger walking in on you unannounced and neither will our members. Please respect their privacy.

For Friends/Family: Visitor privileges depend upon the particular phase the member is in. For example, Phase 1 members are allowed no visitors except approved immediate family. Whereas by the time they reach Phase 5, they have more freedom where visitors are concerned.

Our Houses

It's important to note that sober living houses are NOT regulated, and therefore NO set minimum standards are in place. And "flop houses" that call themselves sober living are unfortunately prevalent. Therefore it's very important to make sure wherever you end up going that you thoroughly investigate the sober living you're interested in. Ask about their recovery and accountability requirements as well as their

living arrangements.

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Here are a few of our self-regulated "minimum standards" for our sober

living homes:

  • Safe Parts of Town
  • Property Kept Clean and in Good Condition Both Inside and Out
  • Must Be Within Walking Distance to Meetings, Plenty of Job Opportunities, and Public Transportation
  • Provides Common Goods Ranging from Dishes and Laundry Detergent, to Bedding and Toilet Paper and More
  • A Minimum of Weekly 14 Panel UA's for Everyone in the House
  • Random Breathalyzers Throughout Week
  • No Members With Violent, Sexual, or Arson-Based Felony Convictions 

In addition, the home must be large enough to adequately and comfortably support the members, specifically:

  • Bedrooms Large Enough for Two People to a Room
  • Have a Maximum of Two People to a Bedroom
  • Adequate parking
  • 4:1 or Less Bathroom Ratio
  • 5:1 or Less Entertainment Area Ratio
  • 4:1 or Less Refrigerator Ratio
  • Minimum of 1/2 Closet Space + 1 Full Chest Of Drawers Or Equivalent + Personal Items Space
  • Dedicated Kitchen/Food Space
  • Onsite Laundry
  • Coded Door Locks (If a Member Is Terminated or Leaves, Their Code Can Be Quickly Deleted.) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Potential members are required to thoroughly read through our FAQs. Why? Because We want guys that are truly ready to do what it takes to remain sober permanently and are willing to put effort into their sobriety. For that to happen, we also need to know that they're willing to

follow directions.

So by spending a little time learning about us is a good way to verify that they are willing to follow directions and invest in their own future and sobriety rather than just blindly making the decision to move in with us.

In addition, it gives you a good flavor of what we're about, how we are structured, what life will be like with us, and will help you decide if an accountable environment like ours is right for you.

If after reading you think, "This sounds perfect", then you are probably a good fit for our program. However, if you read through it and have any reservations, then it is possible that you are not a good fit for our program. So take your time to decide if this is really what you're seeking.

Enabling vs. Assistance

Do I help or not? 

It’s difficult to know when enabling begins and helping ends. Each person has to ultimately decide that for themselves. But if you are considering helping someone to get started, then here is some information based on our experience.

1. Do nothing you're not comfortable doing:

Alcoholics/addicts are excellent at manipulation, guilt tripping, etc. and not only judge themselves on their intentions, but expect everyone else to do the same rather than judging them on their actions. So only do what you can be comfortable doing. They are no longer your responsibility. Your own mental and spiritual health IS your responsibility, so make sure you are taking care of yourself in these matters first.

2. Line in the sand:

Draw a very hard line that you're 100% willing to stand behind. Example, "I will give you one last shot at trying to help you. You decide if you want that help now or at some other point. But either way, this will be the last time. What that means specifically, is that while I will always love you, I cannot continue to harm myself.

So I will be willing to offer one-week help at a time and provided I receive an excellent report from A Leap of Faith Recovery Living, then I will provide another one week of assistance. However, this will only occur for a very limited amount of time based on input from A Leap of Faith Recovery Living. And if I do not receive an excellent report, then you will no longer receive any assistance from me.

Further, whichever way you decide and regardless of what occurs, I will not be able to give you any money, shelter, or any other assistance you may seek either now or in the future. So this is your ONE shot. I only want you to use it now if you are truly at your bottom. So please think about it well and decide if you are truly at your bottom or not and whether you wish to use that one 'last shot' now or later.

3. Use your judgment:

If you don't think they're serious, then listen to the gut feeling. On the other hand, if you feel they are, then listen to that as well.

4. Pre-conditions:

Before you agree to assisting them in any way, we will all have a conversation in which expectations are clearly laid out and agreed to.

5. Weekly Follow Up:

Each week A Leap of Faith Recovery Living will communicate with you to determine if the client is holding up his end of the arrangement

(or not).

Financial Assistance Opportunities

"Is it free? Can I obtain financial assistance? Can we work something out, because I just need a chance please."

Sober living is not free. But yes, we do have options for financial assistance. In our early days we previously accepted anyone at any amount in order to not turn someone away. But we quickly learned that most people who do not have a personal investment do not take our program seriously. Those same people would cause problems for those that are serious, and ultimately just relapse while often attempting to take someone else down with them.

Therefore early on, we altered our intake process to only allow for financial assistance PROVIDED the person qualified by having some sort of personal investment/risk/collateral in order to qualify first. This ensures they have something to lose if they do not take our program seriously and thereby protects the health of the house. The results were both immediate and positive.

Because we provide a very structured environment, and because members must prove they want to be with us, we quickly saw that this method weeded out those who were not truly serious. This has resulted in A Leap of Faith Recovery Living ranking amongst the healthiest houses and with the strongest sobriety in Connecticut.

How to Qualify for Financial Assistance:

 The house will provide new members with house credit to those in need PROVIDED:

The applicant agrees to fully follow all directions and without to do so without attitude.

We have a max of three spots per house where someone can get in under house credit.

The applicant qualifies for financial assistance under one of the options listed below.

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OPTION A: Initial Payment

You have no job but are able to make the initial first week's payment and move-in fee plus background check: ($385.00)

You commit to finding work and starting a job within the

first 2 weeks.

Your personal risk/investment: You are at least paying something in the beginning and therefore risk losing that money if you leave early, relapse, etc.

OPTION B: Treatment Collateral

You successfully discharge from a detox and/or treatment center.

First Week’s Payment Move-In Fee and Background Check are Paid. ($385.00)

We are able to verify that you did so on good terms and made the best of your time there by confirming with your caseworker.

You move directly into our sober house while remaining sober

during transit.

You commit to finding work and starting a job within the

first 2 weeks.

Your personal risk/investment: You have proactively taken measurable steps to show your serious about your recovery.

Repayment Requirements: (The "fine print")

Member will be required to do the following to continue living with house debt:

While members that are not on house debt are only required to work a minimum of 30 hours per week, members who are receiving financial assistance (aka "house debt") must work + job hunt a minimum of 40 hours per week until they are out of house debt.

Members in house debt must apply for state sponsored food program ("food stamps" aka SNAP)

Create weekly (or bi-weekly budgets depending on how often they are paid).

Submit a copy of each paycheck.

Follow an approved budget.

Use all extra money after approved budget items to pay off house debt.

Loan Fee: Unfortunately occasionally members relapse. Sometimes those members still have house debt. So in order to be able to continue extending house credit, we must charge interest as a way to cover the losses accrued by those who do not pay back what they owe. Therefore, we charge a one-time loan fee in the amount of one week's rent that shall be added to the total house debt owed.

What if I need financial assistance, but don't qualify under any of the previous options?

We will not be able to accept you until you qualify under one of the above methods. With that said, we've had men who did not qualify that then were so serious about getting sober that they figured out a way to take the actions necessary to get qualified and begin their

life of sobriety.

You can do the same. And once you do qualify and are accepted, you can rest easy knowing that your house mates all have gone through the same thing and chose to invest in themselves and their sobriety. 

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